Proctoring Exams

South Central Regional Library will proctor for exams.
Proctoring is subject to availability of Library Staff.  The Library reserves the right to refuse to proctor exams that may interfere with normal Library operation.
The student is responsible for contacting the library and making arrangements for a suitable time to write the exam.
Proctoring Fees: 
  • $30.00 per exam with valid SCRL Library Card.
  • $100.00 per exam without a valid SCRL Library Card
  • Anyone may purchase a SCRL Card for the fee of $75.00. They will be considered Non-Resident status which is valid for one year.  This entitles the card holder to pay the $30.00 proctoring fee per exam.
The South Central Regional Library’s Internet stations may be booked for exams.  The student is responsible for contacting the Library and booking the computer.
Students using the Internet station may not install software on Library computers.  Wireless service is available for students wishing to use their own laptops.  While the library may be able to provide some technical support, this cannot be counted on.  The Library is not responsible for any unforeseen interruptions of the exam due to loss of power or Internet connectivity.
The student is responsible for ensuring that the proctoring service provided by the South Central regional Library meets the requirements of the institution issuing the exam.  The student is responsible for ensuring that the exam is delivered to the Library in time for the exam.  Library staff will receive, secure, administer and return the exam, but cannot provide direct one-on-one supervision of students for the entirety of the exam. You can view a copy of our proctoring exams policy here.