Computers & Printing

Cost of printing:

  • $.25/sheet for black & white
  • $.50/sheet for colour printing

Each branch has internet stations that are available for public use.  The service is free for library members.  Users are allowed 1 hour of computer time daily.

Acceptable Use Policy:
All users of a public access computer are responsible and accountable for their own actions (in accordance with civil, criminal and other laws) while using the equipment and services available.  Responsible users of the site agree to the following Rules of Acceptable Use and are prepared to be held accountable for their actions and for the loss of user privileges if these rules are violated.  Users of a public access site agree that they:

  1. Will not use a computer to harm other people or their property.
  2. Will not damage the computer or the network in any manner.
  3. Will not interfere with the operation of the computer equipment or network by installing illegal software, shareware or freeware.
  4. Will not violate copyright laws
  5. Will not view, send, or display offensive messages or pictures.
  6. Will not share passwords with other people.
  7. Will not waste limited resources such as disk space or printing capacity.
  8. Will not trespass in another’s folders, work, or files.
  9. Will assume responsibility for any fees incurred while using the site.
  10. Will assume responsibility for any materials located on the Internet, and will notify a supervisor, if by accident the material encountered violates appropriate use.