Loan Periods & Fines

Collection Description Circulation Policy Fine Rate
Audiobooks Books on CD or tape, play-aways, children’s read-alongs, etc. 3 weeks see overdue policy below.
Books Books for readers of all ages & interests. 3 weeks NOTE: If others are waiting, the loan period may be limited to 2 weeks. see overdue policy below.
Magazines Magazine subscriptions vary between branches.  Magazines are included in the library catalogue. 2 weeks see overdue policy below.
Music CDs Children’s CD collection and a small collection of adult material (Local performers). 3 weeks see overdue policy below.
Newspapers Local newspapers In-Library Use Only
Vertical File Varies between branches. In-Library Use Only
DVD/Video Collection varies between branches.  Each branch holds a collection of children’s materials 2 weeks see overdue policy below.
Overdue fees:
  • $.20 per item per day for adults (13 yrs. or older) to a maximum of $10.00 per item.
  • $.10 per item per day for children (12 yrs. or younger) to a maximum of $5.00 per item
If materials are not returned within 30 days, a bill will be sent to the borrower informing him/her of the cost of the item(s) plus the overdue charges.  The library software automatically suspends anyone who has any materials that are 30 days of more overdue.  If a child under 13 is billed for an item, the parent of the child who has signed his/her membership card will also be suspended.  The library card(s) cannot be used until the overdue issue has been resolved.
Each patron is responsible for all materials borrowed on his/her card and will be billed for all losses and damages.